Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone very very special to me left me the best message in the whole world this morning! *sighs* i think i went over it 20 times today.. Everyone needs to wake up to feelings like that. The world would be a better place. I'm glad that Lulu is making his contribution. I remember when i would upload a pic of myself, fresh out of bed and the comments would always say... WOULDNT MIND WAKING UP TO THAT FACE IN THE MORNING or HOW NICE WOULD IT BE TO HAVE THAT LYING NEXT TO ME EVERY DAY. Well, the message i received this morning was the equivalent of that. Although, a physical trade would definetly come in handy ... let me stop ;)'

I waited an hour for Dexx to finish his breakfast.. Half of that was spent waiting for him to finish buttering his toast (He was determined to do it himself.. even though it took half an hour)

We decided to go out for the day...

My date picked me flowers from the sidewalk..
Held my hand...
Funnily, My mini me is nearly the same size as me. Our hands are nearly the same size and he's already up to my boob in height. HA!

We went to the park and ate lunch.

Went to a $2 shop and bought Dexx some junk. LOL. J-U-N-K literally.

We sat down for a lil while in some shade and talked. There was a small girl blowing bubbles. She gave Dexx a bottle so we ended up sitting there for a good 20 minutes blowing bubbles in the middle of town <3

At the beginning of the day? I swear it was cloudy and windy so i decided to wear jeans for the first time in months. BAD IDEA!!! by one o clock i had melted.

I melted graciously though ;) hehe

I stripped as soon as i got home! then decided to ride up and down the corridor on the smallest spongebob skateboard EFFA...

Blewww more bubbles but FAILED!

I took pics of all this shit im selling. I hope that isnt what i have to do when i start working for a magazine. I mean i would still do it. It beats doing alot of other things for cash but yeah who cares.. moving on....

then after hours of taking pics of clothes and shoes BLAH! (i have a lil project that im working on..) mind ya businessss.. i sat down and watched iCarly with Declan. I dont know why but i EFFN love iCarly!! Yeah, i'm lame - shoot me. I really like childrens programmes.. cartoons etc.. I don't like baby programmes like Dora the explorer and Barney can lick a left nut.

Aaaaaahhh.. so here i am.. and i am about to cake on the phone with (NONE OF UR DAMN BUSINESSS lol) for the rest of the evening.. (well... until 7.30 because that is when Dexx has his bath and bedtime story lol)

Today, i have realized that i can be everything, everyday. A good mother, a free spirit, career orientated, thoughtful and i still find the time to make someone on the otherside of the world smile everyday. I do not give myself enough credit. Maybe if you took into account all the small things around you then you could embrace them and see the beauty in something as small as blowing bubbles in the middle of the city with a small girl. Some women can't even get around sharing their shoes (ha! that would be me *im sorry* lol) and this lil girl shared her bubble water and her time. Awww. hehe. Even at a young age.. kids still cease to surprise me.

Peacelingsss... xx

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