Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Like mother, like son

I woke up this morning to a kitty tv that declan made while i was still asleep out of cellotape.


and last year he drew on the kitchen wall with a black permanant marker and was like TAAAADAAAAAAAAA SURRRPRIIISEEE! YOU LOVE IT MUMMY? and funnily i couldnt help but laugh and hug him for being so amazing.. i just turned that into his art wall and now its just covered in all his art work


Anywhooo... there is this lil martian guy that he always draws.. ok it may look like a lil kid drew it but seriously.. i couldnt draw it like him.


I don't care how bias i sound .. all i can say is that i'm so glad he has a personality and has a wonderful imagination. He always tells me that he thinks he's weird. I always tell him that there is nothing wrong with being different from other kids and that he is the coolest person i know (TRUE STORY HE REALLY IS)...

Other girls didnt really like me when i was a kid... lol. I always dressed weird and would rather dance around singing by myself than play mummies and daddies (yuck).. I didn't stop playing schools til i was eleven, my older sister use to pay me not to get out of the car when i wore my highlighter pink knee high pantyhose lol, i wore a skirt on my head and pretended it was relly long hair lmaoooo... I liked feeding my puppy grass and passionfruit, I made the best forts in the living room with my granmothers clean sheets, I would rather wear baggy jeans and a half top like aaliyah hahaha than some tight pants and a sarong lol.. if i wanted to wear a dress.. i would always pick something tie dye lol and everyone would laugh at me. Now, I get the last laugh muahahahahaaaaa

I hope Dexx realizes how cool he is so that when people laugh at him.. he will know that its not that he has it all wrong and that he is not dilerious... that he is just a wonderful boy :):):)

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