Monday, March 22, 2010

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

lmaoooo!! Lucie Boshier reminds me of that side of me that i try to hide. You know which side I'm talking about.. the one that acts a hot mess, cusses too much, talks about sex and kisses girls. LMAO! I swear the gap between my dimensions look more like the Grand canyon. Sweetie pie Ashlie and IDGAF Ashlie.. Who said i can't be both? ;]

I've been to a few of Lucies fashion shows and i would have to say that they were probably my most enjoyable. The models are usually a lil tipsy.. lol.. sometimes swimming around in a huge champagne glass.. flirting with the audience.. One model even sat on a guy in the first row and let him drink from her glass.. Some think it's tacky.. but others like me find her shows entertaining.. Considering that I had to sit through 3 or 4 shows before hers... they had no real surprises so her shows usually wake me up lol.. her shows are usually very good and i love the lil messages she leaves.. very liberating words.

The interviewer in this video sounds embarrassing and the GIRLS DAY OUT intro is hilarious... Girls... Girls Dayyy Outt hahaha.. memories! I personally go to eat all the samples.. Lol. Fatty cake =]]

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