Friday, April 9, 2010

9 April 2010 - 10 tweets (If I had twitter lol)

1. Since when was it cool to advertise that you have haters? Aint noone hating on your ass! Lol

2. I was talking to my school friends, friend from California last night and he said that he loves New Zealand because the people here are down to earth and that most of the people in Los Angeles are so influenced by celebrities (the hills e.t.c) that a lot of them act superficial and have foegotten how to be themselves. This makes me sad. I will come and save you "Lost" Angeles :)

3. I need to know what they are washing Declan in, at his fathers house because I can't stop obsessively smelling him.

4. There was this guy staring at me with a really pervy face and picking the pimples on his face at the same time.. yuck.

5. There were a couple of guys trying to get my attention.. they were doing dance choreography sitting down and kept saying 'hey girl' ... I ignored them but then they stood up and were like seriously doing their hip hop dancing hardout in the middle of the train and staring at me at the same time and in my head all I was thinking was "Fuck! I am not in the mood for this bullshit" and had the ugliest look on my face that communicated "Fuckn STOP!" - I was really tired.. I had been up for a really long time.. It wasn't funny at the time but it's funny now.

6. I was imagining myself dancing around to "I just died in your arms tonight" by Jay Z on the way home today for a good 20 minutes. Yes, I replayed it 8 times in a row.

7. I was imagining myself playing the piano to "I wished you loved me" by Tynisha Keli. Yes, I was secretly making my fingers like they were playing the air piano. I really really really really want a piano.

8. Lying is the worst thing anyone could do to me, to someone, to anyone and is the worst thing I have ever done. I wish I wasn't so selfish.

9. I wonder where Louis is? I havn't heard from him all day. Yo! I go out with the real life Superman.. he has that 'invisibility' power on point.

10. I'm planning my life and all I want is a low price apartment in the heart of somewhere other than here... air filled with love and growth. A fire exit so I can drink tea, smoke weed and watch the sunrise there... maybe play him love songs, let him play drums on the metal stairs.. decorate the railings with christmas lights every 12th month.. a warm bed with clean sheets that fit.. money to buy things I don't need.. A handful of friends to walk the park with.. a puppy called 'phatso', someone to receive my morning poetry, watch my interpretive dance, tell me how good I am and that I should try out for Juliard lol... a lavender bicycle with a flower filled basket on the front (i want to throw petals in the air because he loves me)... I want a piano, a skateboard covered with glitter and glow in the dark stickers ... Your side of the world needs me and strangely.. i need your side of the world to feel the need to live. THIS IS A LONG ASS TWEET.. I'm sure people hate that essay shit on twitter but IDGAF.. this is my blog account so HA!

I saved the best for last ;) - Stop tweeting about dumb shit lol


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