Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I can't be bothered sitting here for ten minutes thinking of a good title


I know exactly what you're thinking.. MMMM NOSTRILS ;) .. and if you're not thinking that then you fuckn should be! because that's what i think of when i look at it. I look sleepy :)). Unfourtunately, i don't have anything more decent than that to blog about. I'm sure this will develop into one of those really random blog entries like some, most, all of the others.

I lost a piece of my heart today so I'm feeling sad.. so putting this pic up because it makes me feel good and pouring my heart out positivily is the only way.. well not the only way to feel better but it's a start.. then I'm gonna go and get some work done because success is the next best thing after pure vanity.. then I might go huggie for an hour straight then eat some donuts with Ren blah blah blahhh =b

I'm strange sometimes, most times, all of the time lol.. Random, immature e.t.c and to most it can be a little off-putting.. sucky.. lame.. un"cool".. but it makes me feel good to know that I have the freedom to do as i please. I (awkwardly) adore (stalk) romantic couples (that i don't know) .. lol.. I do it because it makes me feel good.. reassuring myself that love exists is as impotant to me as breathing. I would drive off a cliff if I couldn't find it anymore. Whenever i lose a piece of myself.. something dissapoints me, hurts me, annoys me e.t.c .. I find something to fill that place... a book... a picture.. a song ... a brand new pair of shoes.. a cuddle.. faith and hope.. I draw all of this beautiful inspiration from all the strange things I do. Take my heels off and dance barefeet in the park.. doodle butterflies all over my friends notebooks, remember your birthday and make you sucky youtube video tributes LOL.. impersonate (badly) Nacho Libre lol because hearing you laugh and making you smile reminds me that I am wonderful. WHICH I AM! hahahahaha k I'm laughing by myself.. let me stop.

All I have to leave you with is.. Do what you love, Say what you mean and Be yourself - life is too short to be anyone else. Trust me, it saves me everytime.

Ashlie :)


  1. i dont have a blogger account but i always enjoy reading anything u write.

    u r such a beautiful spirit =0]

    mch luv P.

  2. Illlly you shouldv put your bebo url in because you are always on there.. LMAO you addict smh.