Thursday, April 15, 2010

laugh at you love

I use both sides of my brain and I think that explains why I have contradictory views and opinions of everything. Too much UNDERSTANDING. I laugh at funny faces, funny toes and funny foreheads. I'm loving, kind, gentle and fun but maybe I should find courteous things to joke about but nothing is nearly as funny as laughing at funny ankles, funny dogs and funny shoes with really tight laces.

You can catch me laughing by myself pretty much all the time. Don't ask me why I'm laughing because I'm probably laughing at YOU. It's wrong to laugh at people if your intentions are to make them feel ugly or stupid No No I don't laugh at you because of that... I just laugh at you because you are different then the rest of the posers in life and I love it! I enjoy youuu.

So, It's mean to laugh at people but I only laugh at you because I do strange things myself so I understand and love that you are a weirdo like ME! :)

p.s jealousssssssss ;)

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