Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hungover and watching Kung Fu Panda

For those of you who don't know yet but I use to be a party animal (Reoww).. Dancing on tables, dancing in the rain, swimming pools at 3am, fountains at 5am, dropping wine glasses, grinding the wall lol.. you name it? I've done it. All my friends call me Ash Pash and Coco always called me her hot mess.

This year it has been different though. I've stopped going out and I don't drink anymore. My priorities are less selfish these days. My only concerns in life are Declan, School and Love. I havent drunk anything for months. Anyways, my stepmama dragged me out lastnight. We went out for drinks as a family and played pool (I'm actually getting decent at it. Thanks to dad)... I was faded to the core after one glass of wine. Usually it would take 4 or 5 glasses to get me tipsy, I couldve drunk 2 bottles on my own (easy) but OMG I was seeing double after one glass lol. I was on the jukebox requesting Abba! I think I even requested some S Club and Five (Do you remember when Pop was hot shit? Lol.. The days I wore cargo pants and cropped tops Aaaaah) I dropped my glass not once but twice and yes they were full and i broke them in a quiet place that was full of people. All these men were quietly watching some sports programme and I was walking from the bar to the outside area and sure enough I drop it right in front of them! What an idiot! So theyre all looking at me and being the considerate drunk person I am? I pick it up with my hands (i have cuts now - idiiiooott) and apologize everytime I walk past them (Apologizing for something that happened hours ago continuously to people who were there and who were NOT there [couldn't tell the difference if they were there or not because I'm wavy so i apologize to everyoneee :))) (yes I used your word WAVEYY babe) Alot of brackets in brackets - you love it] lol I shouldve just written DRUNK FACK on my forehead lol) I fell off my bar stool (Those things make me feel like I'm sitting in a babys feeding chair by the way) and now I have a bruise on my knee. My parents were sitting having a lil intimate dinner alone while me and my sister and uncle are hanging out at the bar right? So I sneak off and intrude my parents "alone time" and start eating their food. Yes, I walk right in and sit down and start eating my dads pad thai and my mamas laksa. Hahahahaa.. They loved it though - trust me. My daddy really loves me. He may have done some things in the past that hurt me but he loves me. No parent is a perfect parent. We fuck up all the time. My stepmama and step sis were talking to me about how they wish I was closer to my dad. That we don't fight enough e.t.c. I just don't like fighting with my dad. I just do what he says because I want him to be happy.

HAHAHA Dexx is watching Kung Fu Panda right now and Po was like "I can't do it, I don't have claws or wings. I should just go back to making noodles" and Dexx was like "Noodles? You can't do that. Noodles are not Kung Fu" Lol.. He's so smart these days. I feel like a moment ago he was saying 'mummy' and now he has this new extensive vocabulary.
*uninterruption* (that a real word? hmm)

As soon as i got home. I ran to my room and to the phone so I could call ******* and talked to him til Dexx was dropped off then I talked to him some more and fell asleep on the phone and I can't really remember what I was talking about on the phone but i have a good idea ;) LOL....

This post has no point. I wanted to tell you about my first lil drinky after months. I've realized that it's much better drinking like that. I was home before ten and the toilets were nice and clean lol. I hate club toilets. I remember one time when I was at Loaded and the toilets didn't have walls because they had all fallen down and Lounge never had any toilet seats OR toilet paper. Yuck Yuck. What about that tick layer of water on the ground - triple yuck.

Po: How can i beat tai lung when I can't even beat you to the stairs?

Work now, Play later. It all pays off in the end. I am enjoying my new responsible way of life. I really need to work on being tidy though becuase my room is a MESS!

Too hungover to write anymore. Love you everybody!xoxox

p.s We don't want to wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears. Hahahahah I love this movie <333

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