Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maisey Rika

Besides, the DELICIOUS food and the purpose of the event being Maori and pacific island unity... Maisey Rika was the highlight of my 2010 Pasifika Festival experience =] She has a beautiful voice not to mention she is Maori.. HA! Yes, i'm a lil bias

I could'nt find the songs that she sung at Pasifika but i found these..

Her earthy sound reminds me of other NZ singers i like......

My older sisters friend Anika Moa =]]] she's Maori too HA!

and then lastly Bic Runga.....

and yes! you guessed it she's Maori too! lol ... half Maori and half Malaysian.. i met her and her sister Boh a few years back .... and "Drive" was one of the first songs i ever learnt on the guitar when i was ten =]]

Okay i'm done. Byee


  1. you'll find maisey on youtube - her songs reconnect, letting go, ave maria, ladeda day etc you can also google her tohu album and listen to her other songs

  2. i saw her at Pasifika too!