Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Gd nite my sweet dadi luvs u"

I've been busy all day. It's 7.46 and i'm already in bed and about to pass out. My room is a mess but i'm so exhausted that i can't even undress and get into my pyjamas. Lol. Anywho, I hav'nt found the time to txt all day and i got that txt from Lulu just as i was leaving class.. and I was going to send him an essay about how much i adore him for being patient with me all day but then i thought i would surprise him and write it on here because he would'nt expect it and he always checks up on my blog entries like the other "several" people who read this lol. I say "several" because noone else really cares about what i have to say except for a handful of somebodies.

Correct, I have a special man candy in my life at the moment. About time really.. There really wasn't any escaping him. I havn't felt so wanted in my life. He is the definition of real. He tells me what is exactly on his mind. No game. No lies. No puff pieces. Understands me. Laughs at my goofy ways EVERYTIME! He never misses a joke! I love his laugh.. we even laugh at "laughing".. I'll laugh because his giggle is cute then he'll laugh because i'm laughung and usually we would just carry on laughing about NOTHING for a good ten minutes. Lol. Yeah! You know nothing bout that Ha! He tells me when i look stupid (e.g flamingo dress) We make up fake emergencies to get eachother on the phone. I even make up problems so i have something to get mad at him about. Usually, I just want attention and he knows that so he will sit on the phone with me all night even though he's zombie tired. He even learnt how to speak Maori for me *blushes* Noone has ever been into me enough to go through all that trouble *tear* He is my bestfriend! Partner in crime and God could'nt have put someone better than him in my life =]]

#2 subtle saviour quote belongs to Lulu.... I love u, txt me bitch ;]

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