Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad habits die hard.

I swore that I would be a better person today. Work on appreciating my life and many blessings by giving back to the universe through good deeds. I started out good. I dressed sexy but modest. Skinnies, grey sack tank top with the wicked witch from the wizard of oz (well her legs and shoes) on it, black jacket and heeled boots. Sexy but modest :p for the boyfriend (babe you're welcome LOL) . Opened the door for someone at the gas station in the morning etcetera but fuck! Now that I think about it I argued with some lady on the phone lmao, couldn't wait for jess to get back from lunch so locked his scarf in my locker and left hahaha and the funniest thing that I've been laughing about for the past ten mins? I can't even mention it here because she might read it. LOL. Its even funnier because I can't tell you. Secret love affair with a----------------- Muahaha. Today was such a fuckin fail but atleast I tried. I'm entertained by my slack attempt at self improvement but im sorry (pouts) Love me tommorow? I'll do better tommorow. Xoxo

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