Monday, May 3, 2010


If you could be honest with yourself.. What would you tell yourself? If you stepped out of your body and got critical.. What thoughts would stimulate about your appearance and your personality? The way that you love.. The nature in which you experience each day. Your relations with people you don't know, people you love, people you resent, people you want or people you hope to meet. Who are you?

Everything determines the purity of ones soul. Your being and existance as a whole. Let me simplify this for those of you who don't understand what I mean? It's people who lack understanding who need the most help. Lol.

Are you nice? Kind? If you were to answer with 'Yes, all the time" then you would be lying or you weren't looking into yourself hard enough. You are not JESUS. If you were to answer with 'No, I'm mean' then you would be lying again because I'm sure you have been nice once in your life so the real answer for EVERYBODY would actually be 'sometimes'

If you have never asked yourself a question like that then you probably don't know yourself aswell as you think you do. Growth is a difficult thing to deal with and unless you embrace the truth then you will never notice and appreciate your emotional and spiritual growth :) (I sound like Morpheous from the Matrix lol)


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