Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take notice of the seeds you sow.

My friend said "You look really nice today. What made you decide to wear your hair like that?" I said "I'm wearing a turtle neck and a scarf so I decided to put my hair up. No biggy". The 'turtleneck and scarf' thing isn't actually true. The other day I had my hair like this and Hannah said I looked really pretty. Funny thing is that I claim to 'do what I want'. I always thought I was a free spirit. This is true to some degree.
I liked the way i did my hair the other day but I liked it even more because someone told me that it looked good. I think it is important to compliment someone if you like something about them. I know the world can really get ontop of you sometimes. I can understand that it's hard to be nice when life can be really mean but I can't stress how important it is to be kind. You could be the reason why someone looks pretty today. Something you say or do could make someone smile. Someone wonderful could notice that smile and they could fall in love :) ... You could be the reason why someone enjoys going to work everyday.. You could be the reason why someone rushes home to see you.. Something you do or say could inspire someone to succeed or spend time with their children. The possibilities are endless and come from just a small display of kindness .

All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't treat a small deed or compliment as an insignificant way to spend your time. Be considerate of the way you choose to treat people. Take notice of the seeds you sow. You are doing more than you think :)

Love Always
Ashlie xoxo

someone made this beautiful art piece on a stationary shop window out of thousands and thousands of 'post-its' and everyone wrote notes to their mothers on the little pieces of paper. (i'll post a better pic when I'm not so tired lol)

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