Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trey Songz video trailer "yo side of the bed"

Indeed, I am a ridculous fan of his, just like the rest of the world. I can't lieeee.

Trey Songz new video for 'yo side of the bed' will premiere on the 26th of May on He always has the best videos in my opinion when it comes to r'n'b. 'I can't stop missing you', 'without you', 'gotta go', 'wonderwoman', 'invented sex' etceteraaaa etceteraaa.. he is definetly in a element of his own. I have just been waiting and hoping he would make a video to 'yo side of the bed' because I am sappy as fuck and that was my favorite on his 'ready' album.

Trey said Keri will be portraying his wife. "She's in the military and has been called to go on a war," he explained on her character. Sadness, loneliness and all the emotional feelings experienced by the two are promised to be explored in this video.

XOXOXOXOX! i hate to sound like a groupie but i love trey songz (as a fan of his music not his body lol ok maybe a lil bit ok let me stop before i get myself in trouble lmaooo)

k byeee

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