Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The power of touch.

Touching delivers so many messages. It calms, reassures, encourages, grants forgiveness, and starts a brand new page in the history of your relationship.

Even if you never hear them say so, men cherish your touch. Touching sends the message that you are truly present with them. When you spontaneously touch him as you speak or listen, as you feel hurt or soothe his hurt as you ponder, decide, or work it out, you are very effectively closing up some of the tiny gaps that day to day living can make between you and your man. Nothing that cost so little has ever yielded so much.

You won't reach out to touch what you find distasteful or unappealing. He knows you touch what you treasure, not to restrain or rearrange it, but to experience the momentary pleasure of handling what you find precious. Your touch validates him, and in an instant, reaffirms the fact that he is precious cargo in your world.

-beautiful :)

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