Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello universe. How are you? That's great. At the moment, I should be doing my design work but as expected, my A.D.D has kicked in full throttle. Yeah yeah yeah tell me something new right? I'm either eating or wasting time. Never really doing anything productive. I am such a shithead sometimes.

Since, I am here (I am your personal blessing in disguise, worship mee) .. let me enlighten you with a few things.

First, Last year this girl called me a groupie because HER boyfriend holla'd at me (he was some bigtime rapper or some shit) ... "supposedly" lol..
For your information, I am not a flirt OR GROUPIE and I do not need to steal someone elses man to feel better about myself. You can have your cheatin' asshole of a boyfriend. Please keep him :)
Random thought I know. This happened last year but it made me giggle, 5 minutes ago.
Some people are so desperate. One, because they stay with someone who continuously cheats on them and Two, because some women enjoy dating men who are already taken. There are alot of fishies in the sea. You don't need to date losers, sweetheart.

I wanted to address a few other things but that thought drained me emotionally lol. I am done.

"Quit. Don't quit. Noodles. Don't noodles" -Master Ooglei (Kung Fu Panda)

Yes, I am lame and I tell horrible jokes. I don't even know if I'm sarcastic anymore.

I am in a wonderful on and off relationship. He made it past the 9 month mark so it's pretty much serious. A serious on and off relationship. I look forward to cooking for him in 2 weeks and lighting a few candles. I loooove food and candles. I can't wait to feed him and ..... let me stop ;) lol.

Okay, it's nearly 8.30pm and I have a dress to complete. Knowing me, I will find something to eat and will continue the rest of my night watching food television. I love truffles, strawberries, cheese and yummm..



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