Monday, September 20, 2010

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I am turning 24 this year. I am growing up! It's funny that I finally feel the need to act my age a little.. I should have had this type of revelation perhaps 5 years ago.. since I've been an official woman for that long. Anywho back to the purpose of this blog. I have decided that as a "grown up" that I will purchase my first grown up site.. and take photos for that site with my grown up camera.. and perhaps I will purchase a grown up car too (let's not get too crazy) lol.. I've already tried living a healthier grown up lifestyle.. work, gym, eating my greens and cooking. LMAO. I know it seems like that is a regular lifestyle but those who are close to me know that I am far from regular! My idea of exercise is walking my fat ass to the car then working my leg muscles by driving the car to Masala and ordering my fat ass some Butter Chuuuckin then putting the fork to my mouth using repetitive motions from my plate to my mouth. YUUUM.

I have decided that I will continue to mess with this blog until my 24th Birthday.. then I will launch :) .. Ohhhhh I am a big girl now *tear* and if anyone has any website name ideas then let me know.. txt, comment, facebook, smoke signals e.t.c.. just let me know.. :D There will be fashion and relatively interesting goodies on there. I am sure! I will be in my final year of my degree and I will be documenting everything so people can finally see the process and life of a hardworking mummy/ fashionista / aspiring designer / travelling gypsie.. hopefully you will be inspired by some of the wonderful creative people I am lucky enough to know :) I will be travelling some where throughout the journey.. who knows where I will end up but I am sure there will be something on there for everyone.. Since I am a million people in one myself. All I have to offer you is honesty and excitement.

Seeing that I am going to be on my "grown" shit.. I won't be able to pull the duck face in pics anymore.. lol.. I will have to develop some grown up poses lol. If anyone has an idea of grown up poses.. please let me know this also because apparantly.. I don't know how to be grown up in pictures.. I'm an ass and my facials tell me so.

R.I.P duck face and good fuckn riddance! lol


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