Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Book Babysitting - Mah Grillz - ily music

I've had to babysit my design teachers book. I am the worst book baby sitter. I get fingerprints on stuff (coz I am a fat bastard so my bf would say lol). I had to wipe every page with tissue after I read it. Freakin glossy pages!
If you are interested in street culture and pure honesty then I am sure you will love this book.

"Streetwear is relaxed: the philosophy, the construstion and the concept. The anti-uptight, the anti-uniform, the anti 'i feel like a dick in these clothes'. - Perks and Mini.

"one should do what one feels like" - Dave Ortiz

Another book that is worth reading...

Alot of pictures in this one. Which is always nice.

This particular picture was asking for it..
[Oh, just wearing my grillz. Nothing new]

I know I look like a Maori coloured white girl but don't let my disguise fool you.. I am a Gangsta and my pimp hand is strong.

...and Babyy I cannnt waiiit...

I need to get with the times but how can I when all the best dance moves came from the 80s *robots self into bed*

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